Monday, March 24, 2014

Anje Collins (New Book) "Starting & Building A Successful Pr Agency" | @anjemiami |

Anje Collins (New Book) "Starting & Building A Successful Pr Agency" | @anjemiami |

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  1. Anje Collins and Women in PR, and PR Lux Group are Fraudulent and all Scams! She TALKS a good game but creates little to no results! She swindles people out of money and has all kinds of excuses on why she can not get the job done! Google her name and the word scam and fraud. She doesn't know Anyone. Her clients are all D list and thanks to her remain D list. She has small little minions who comment on her post and keep her scams going hoping to gain something from her, but they just like her "clients" gain Nothing but a BAD REPUTATION! The worst thing is she just wrote a fraudulent book about how to be a PR agent!, which is the biggest Joke on the planets!
    If you are invited or pay for her PR Seminars (Women in PR), Run! She cancels and does not return the monies pre-paid to attend. She is shunned by top agents in the PR world. SHE IS A JOKE and a LIER. Google any success stories, there are none. She is a has been from the early 90's that's goose is cooked and all dried up! Her web-site doesn't even work half the time.

    Click the link to see loads of who have been ripped off as recent as 2014: