Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Mixtape: @MikeWilliamsLL #YungFlyNCocky @risingstardasha

Mike Williams has released his newest mixtape. The 1st release off #YungFlyNCocky mixtape "My Time" visual is below along with the track listing and where to download. Enjoy.

Track Listing:
01. Mike Williams - Intro (0:48)
02. Mike Williams - Yung Fly N Cocky (4:11)
03. Mike Williams - Use To Me (3:34)
04. Mike Williams - My Time (Feat. JT Dollaz) (3:53)
05. Mike Williams - Skit 1 (0:19)
06. Mike Williams - Money (Dem Stacks) (Feat. Chon Don) (3:37)
07. Mike Williams - On My Shit (2:11)
08. Mike Williams - RNL (Real Nigga Lyfestyle) (Feat. JT Dollaz) (4:59)
09. Mike Williams - Abc Cliq (3:16)
10. Mike Williams - Skit 2 (Feat. JT Dollaz) (1:17)
11. Mike Williams - Grind Hard (Feat. JT Dollaz) (5:01)
12. Mike Williams - Good Life (Feat. JT Dollaz) (3:40)
13. Mike Williams - Undertaker (Feat. JT Dollaz) (2:57)
14. Mike Williams - Change Up G (Feat. Mz Lady) (3:02)
15. Mike Williams - I Be On It (2:21)
16. Mike Williams - Killin' Em (Feat. JT Dollaz) (4:59)
17. Mike Williams - Skit 3 (2:01)
18. Mike Williams - Wifey Type (Feat. Chon Don) (3:39)
19. Mike Williams - 285 (Feat. JT Dollaz) (4:09)
20. Mike Williams - Outro (0:58)

Download Now from Livemixtapes Here

Monday, January 23, 2012


How To Find Your Your Target Market, And Understand Them As Well

how to find your target market
by Scott Dudley
How do you find your target market ?
Most amateur marketers don't worry about finding their target market, let alone understand what makes this group of people tick.
You will find that most newbies online are basically trying to market to everybody, and because of this they struggle to attract anybody to take any notice of them.
All of the successful online marketers focus on a special group of people, and go out of their way to address the needs and wants of these people.
I went through this in an earlier post, but here are the seven questions that you MUST ask yourself right from the start to find your target market:
  1. What age are they, and where do they live?
  2. What do they do for a living?
  3. What is their disposable income?
  4. What irritates them the most about their life right now?
  5. What excites them the most?
  6. What terrifies them the most?
  7. What are their hobbies and interests?
To find your target market you need to have have answered these questions in thorough detail, and should have defined a specific group of people.
These are the people that you should have in mind when creating your marketing campaigns and sales funnel. It is important that your marketing appeals to your target market, rather than just yourself.
You may have created what you think is the best marketing campaign ever, but if no one buys from you then you have failed. For most people it is very difficult to see things the way that their target market do. Most people have their own perspective on life and create marketing campaigns based on their own paradigm's.
Unless you can understand the way that you target market thinks, you are going to have a lot of trouble convincing them that they should buy from you.
Here are some tips to get inside the head of your prospects, and see the world the way that they see it.
1.  Go to places that your target market hang out on and socialize. 
Now this can either be online or offline, the point is to socialize with the types of people that are your potential customers.
Online places would be things such as special forums, social media groups, special blogs etc.
Offline places would be seminars, dinners, events, social groups, or possibly sporting matches etc.
2. Use visualisation methods to see yourself as one your customers in your minds eye.
Admittedly this is not easy to do, but with practice you can get better at it. Visualisation is a very powerful tool and has been used by many people to create an actual reality from nothing.
The only way to get good at visualisation is to practice regularly and to concentrate as much as possible. If your target market is dentists, then you need to visualise yourself as a dentist, doing what a dentist does and thinking like a dentist.
3. Read publications each month for this particular industry 
This is a great way to see what other people are advertising to your target market. What catches your eye in these advertisements? Which advertisements keep appearing in these publications?
The ads that are shown each month are obviously profitable because the advertisers keep buying the space.
4. Subscribe to email lists that are related to your industry.
This is a great way to keep in touch with what is currently happening in the industry and to be able to communicate with other people are part of this target market.
5. Mastermind with influential leaders in your industry. 
This is possibly the best of them all. If you can mastermind with the leaders of your industry you will be intimately getting to know the types of people that are going to be your biggest and best customers.
Without clearly being able to define and find your target market, and then understand how these people think, you stand little chance of making an impact with your business. In short you really need to BECOME one of them.
If you are able to think just like your customers though, and provide them solutions to their problems then there is an excellent chance that you will be able to prosper and create a profitable business.
This two step system is so simple, yet amazingly effective. http://lowcostmarketingstrategies.com/featured/how-to-find-your-your-target-market-and-understand-them-as-well/


The Top Six Low Cost Marketing Strategies To Use On A Budget

low cost marketing strategies
by Scott Dudley
Most marketers are not in a position to be forking out hundreds of dollars on pay per click campaigns, especially when they are just getting started, and therefore it is important to research the most effective low cost marketing strategies.
It is true in general that free or low cost marketing strategies are slower than most forms of paid advertising, but that doesn't mean that they are not effective. In most cases it is just a matter of having a sound strategy, testing and measuring, and being patient.
Don't be expecting to get results overnight though, because if it was that easy everyone would be doing it, and no one would work jobs.
Before you get started, it is very important to only pick one or two of these strategies and to laser focus on mastering them. Don't jump around from one thing to the next, as you will never get results this way.
If you try something for a week or two and get no results, then don't just give up. Try to work out where you are going wrong, and how you can improve on it. Too many people try a marketing method, and then decide soon after that it doesn't work and end up quitting.
In my five years of experience with internet marketing, here are my top six low cost marketing strategies :
1. Blogging
In my opinion blogging is the best way to brand yourself as an expert, and to attract positive attention to yourself.
A blog that is dedicated to a specific niche, has high quality content, and is updated on a regular basis can generate a lot of traffic. It is important to personalise the blog as much as possible by using photos of yourself and including links to your social media profiles.
Obviously blogging is a long term strategy and requires a minimum of 6 – 12 months to start seeing tangible results. If you have a sound strategy, and work hard over a long period the sky is the limit with blogging.
The biggest tip that I can give you about blogging is to write content that is based around carefully selected keywords, don't just write articles that you think people may like to read. Choose your primary keyword phrase first, and then write your article about the keyword(s).
Don't put banners all over the sidebars, instead use an opt in form at the top of the sidebar to build your list, and most importantly write great content that occasionally recommends high quality products using your affiliate link.
2. Solo Ads
Solo ads are one of the best low cost marketing strategies to build your list quickly and cheaply.
A solo ad is basically where you pay some one who has a large list of people that are interested in your niche or industry, to send out an email (written by yourself) to their list.
Usually the person will guarantee a certain amount of clicks, and will keep resending your email until these clicks are delivered. This is a very cheap way of getting targeted people to visit your landing pages.
Be careful though, as there is a lot of fraud with solo ads, so don't just accept anybody. These fraudsters basically pay people to click on your links and enter fake email addresses (usually from the same IP address) and you end up with email addresses that are useless.
The best way to avoid this is to visit Safe-Swaps.com, a website that severely limits the chances of getting ripped off.
3. Video Marketing
Video marketing is not for everybody, but if done properly can create massive exposure quickly and cheaply.
Personally I am not very confident with video marketing at this current time, but would like to improve to take advantage of it.
The key to video marketing is to show confidence and not be boring. Do whatever you have to do to get people interested, and want to show your videos to their friends. If you can get a video to go viral you will experience massive traffic spikes to your website.
A good video is either educational, entertaining or enlightening. People love funny videos that make them laugh.
You Tube is one of the top ten websites on the internet and gets massive amounts of traffic, AND IT IS FREE.
You want to work out a certain angle on how you can get people hooked on watching your videos, and wanting to watch another one.
But, at the same time having unprofessional and boring videos on YouTube actually does your brand a disservice in my opinion, and you should only bother with video marketing if it feels right for you.
4. Facebook Fan Pages
I am not a big Facebook user and don't understand the fuss about it, but the fact is that it is the second biggest website on the internet – behind only Google.
Hundreds of millions of people use it daily and a lot of people spend hours each day on it. For this reason you should look at setting up a professional Fan Page and building up a list of Fans.
By connecting your blog to Facebook using an automated service called NetworkedBlogs, you can easily have your blog posts displayed on your Fan Page and visible to thousands of people.
And providing you are posting great content on your blog people will click on these links.
Don't forget to use a welcome page with an opt in form and offer your fans something in return for their email address. This way you get what is called a double lead (a new subscriber to your list, and a new Fan for your page).
5. Podcasts
If video is not your thing, then you may consider creating some content in an audio format.
Some people hate writing articles or typing, and would much rather jot down a few points and talk about them for 20 – 30 minutes or more.
The most popular format of audio is without doubt podcasts on iTunes, where people can subscribe to a podcast and download the content to their iPod. You will find some excellent content on iTunes and most of it is free as well.
There are a lot of people searching for stuff in iTunes, and at this stage it is relatively easy to be found if you know what you are doing.
Some people even recycle their content so that they turn one type of content into three types (ie. text, video and audio). So you may write a blog post about a topic, and then shoot a video about the same topic, and then use audio from the video to create a podcast.
Podcasting is a very under rated low cost marketing strategy and is often overlooked.
6. Forum Marketing
Forum marketing is a great way to get to know other people and help them, particularly if you are only joining forums that are closely related to your niche or industry.
The most important thing to remember in forums is to not spam people. This will only get you banned and make you unpopular. People don't go onto forums to buy things, so trying to sell your stuff is a waste of time.
People often post problems that they are experiencing in forums, hoping that somebody will be able to help them to find a solution. These are the sorts of people that you want to help and socialise with.
You may be wondering how this is going to benefit you and your business. Well, you can make recommendations to these people and offer them your affiliate link, or you can send them to your blog or landing page for more information.
You can put your website address and some sort of message in your signature, and this will display under your name each time you make a new post on the forum. When people see how helpful you are, and perceive you as an expert, they will click on your links and want to check you out.
This strategy is not going to make you a millionaire, but it is free and allows you to post your links everywhere – without annoying people. The trick here is to bend over backwards to help people and to provide them with value and useful recommendations to products that are going to help them.
In summary, don't try to do all of these low cost marketing strategies at the same time. Only pick one (or two maximum) and aim to be an absolute expert at these strategies, and over time you will definitely get results. http://lowcostmarketingstrategies.com/low-cost-marketing-strategies/the-top-six-low-cost-marketing-strategies-to-use-on-a-budget/



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New Video: @SourMusicGroup artist Moussey "No Man"

Sour Music Group presents R&B artist Moussey new video "No Man" ft sour music group Ceo g-rod singing over Lloyd banks start it up beat. Had to post this one haven’t heard anybody sing over this one before.

New Music: @CBR_Records artist @Maine_PA "Off Da Hook"

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA by way of Alabama, Maine PA is an artist going for his. With complex flow patterns and a high energy performance to match he's the best of both worlds and an ode to how the real rappers used to do it. While his style can be checked out on his latest single "Off Da Hook" from the up coming "Treat Me Like A Don" mixtape, there are a lot more jewels on the way.

Sunday, January 1, 2012





Social Media Marketing has been around long enough that we can derive some essential elements of successful campaigns.  These come as much from studying campaigns that failed as they do from studying effective campaigns.  In its infancy, the problem with SMM was that the business community failed to grasp the essential nature of social media.  It is a conversation among equals.  Everyone has something to say and everyone is expected to contribute to the conversation.

Businesses typically operate from a “tell” model of communication.  Managers “tell” their employees what they need to do and how they need to do it.  Marketing managers “tell” their customers what they need and why they need it.   Overalying that communications paradigm onto the social media world led to many early Social Media Marketing disasters.  So here are some of the basic principles you need to keep in mind as you embark on a Social Media Marketing campaign.
SMM is about Socializing
This is the hardest principle for business people to grasp.  Think of it this way.  At some parties you attend you’ll find conversations about a range of topics, including but not limited to your business.  At others, the conversation is all “shop talk.”  As difficult as it may seem, Social Media is not about “shop talk.”  It is about building relationships with a wide range of people over time.
Personalize the Profile Page
Socializing should begin right up front on the profile page.  People are generally more interested in the story of how your company was born than there are in the fine point technical details of how you manufacture your product.  Give a personal face to key players in your business.  People love reading about people.  If your products are innovative, talk about the inspiration that led to the innovation, not about the metallurgical elements involved.  Include contact information that will yield a response.  Share news about your company, both good and bad.  As strange as it amy seem, if you’ve experiencing a downturn in sales, people will respond positively if you talk about it openly and honestly.
While some see these steps as “fluff and folly” others realize this is a chance to build your brand.  Keep the profile current with regular, preferably daily, updates.  Remember, social media is all about “now” content.  Proponents expect immediacy and a profile page that changes once a month won’t cut it.
Join the Community
The interaction that is the hallmark of social media is a two way street.  You or some one from your company needs to invest the time in takes to be a frequent visitor and contributor to whatever conversation is going on, right now.  This involves a major commitment of time and effort on the part of your business.  While it is difficult to measure the results of an effective SMM campaign in monetary terms, you can gauge the impact of positive impressions created about your company.  And remember, “goodwill” is a line item in most corporate financial statements.http://brian-anderson.us/basic-principles-social-media-marketing-smm.html

How To Build A Large Customer List By Giving Them Something Free

Much of your Internet marketing success will depend on building a large customer list. When you give your website visitors something free your list becomes larger much easier. Collecting the email addresses of potential customers in the target market that you operate your website in is the way to build a responsive list. By doing this, you are able to market to the same people repeatedly. You are also capable of letting them know about new products and updates by sending them email in the form of a newsletter and by giving them something free, the chances will increase that you will turn into a customer.

Most of the time a visitor will not make a purchase the first time they visit a website. Because people are price conscious they like to shop around. Unless they are looking for something specific, the chances are that they are just window-shopping. If you keep in touch with these prospects on a regular basis, the possibility of turning them into a customer increases.
Newcomers to internet businesses often make the mistake of having now way to collect the email addresses of visitors to their sites. The problem with this is that if you do not collect their email address, you will more than likely never see them again. Building a large customer list is vital. While the number of visitors you receive at your site is important, it is futile if you are not actually collecting any information from them.
The way to collect this information is to build a landing page; this is also referred to as a “squeeze page” or “splash page”. This is a one-page web site, which is very simple to create, and it is only used to collect information such as the names and email addresses of all the visitors to your site. It is never used to promote or sell products or services and is the key to feed information to your autoresponder if you are using one.
By building a large and strong responsive list, you are able to ensure the longevity of your online business. Even though you do want a large list, you also have to bear in mind quality versus quantity. A quality list means that you have the addresses of people who are pre-qualified as they are interested in the product or service that you offer and marketing in a “hungry” market guarantees you more sales than you would achieve if you were trying to market your product where no-one is interested.
Make sure that you offer them valuable free information such as tips contained in a free newsletter and you will build a rapport with your prospects. Building this trust means that your pre-qualified prospects will be more likely to take out their credit card and purchase something from you.http://brian-anderson.us/build-large-customer-list-giving-free.html

3 Types of Sales Promotions Based on Target Market

Sales promotions are essential to the proper marketing of products and companies. There are many variations of sales promotions and listed below are the 3 kinds of Sales Promos based on target market. By identifying these types of sales promotions, you can develop a more defined campaign with higher chances of success. For these examples, we will use Uprinting.com promos as a basis.
Consumer Market Directed Possibly the most common and popular of sales promotions, consumer marketing directed sales promos are those intended to appeal to the end consumer. Consumers are exposed to sales promotions nearly every day. Recent studies have shown that sales promos do play a conscious role in the buying decision process.
For example, Uprinting promotions can offer discounts on all its products to print material end users to influence their purchasing habit.
Business Market Directed This type of sales promotion marketing is targeted at other business entities. It is a sales promo that may propose a certain level of distributorship and other trade functions to companies. Often formal and less creative than a Consumer Market Directed Sales Promo, it works well in Business-to-business dealings. This type of sales promo can also be limiting due to the marketer’s personal network.
For example, Uprinting promotions business market directed campaign can tap into its suppliers and offer them the opportunity to carry uprinting products for a share in the profits.
Government Market Directed Due to the wide nature of marketing communications target market, sales promos can span the identification of the Government as part of our market. Dealings with government agencies and other state related offices will require a separate marketing plan and a government market directed communications campaign for your sales promotion will best suit the project.
For example, Uprinting promotions will direct its sales promo to government units to gain favorable branding and image enhancing advantages. Uprinting can tap into the consumer market after establishing its connections with the local governing body. http://brian-anderson.us/3-types-of-sales-promotions-based-on-target-market.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player


Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player


Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player